Selecting the appropriate DICOM viewer is key for physicians who frequently read medical imaging studies. iQ-VIEW/PRO scores with its user-friendliness and high level of functionality providing all tools needed for medical image processing.

Quick and easy

All image processing tools can easily be accessed via buttons, menu items or keyboard shortcuts. For more efficiency, users can set up their individual toolbars including the functions most relevant to them.

In and Out

Import medical images from scanners, directories and portable media; or export image data and reports to CDs, DVDs or memory sticks, print them on Windows or DICOM printers or email them to colleagues for a second opinion.

Read and Report

iQ-VIEW cannot only be used to read studies and reports, but it also comes with a basic reporting module, that enables users to create, edit, store and send their own structured reports.


The Study Browser provides a clear overview of all imaging data including structured reports. A patient list automatically sorts all available studies by patient.

All image processing tools can be accessed either by selecting buttons or menu items, or even by using shortcuts. For an easy orientation within a series, the user-friendly viewer offers several scoutpilot tools, such as the lines mode and the 3D position display.

iQ-VIEW PRO searches for relevant previous studies of a patient and loads them automatically into the viewer for study comparison. The search can be extended to include similar spellings or typing errors in patient names.